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How to forget your trip to Greece in your head And you wonder where to stay in Rhodes, but in which town, resort, beach or hotel? Here is a list of accommodation options in Rhodes that can help you decide whether you are in town or resort, on the beach, booking a DIY accommodation or looking for a package holiday.

Rhodes is a large island and there are many cities to choose from, but the old town of Rhodes and Lindos are the best places to stay in Rhodes. Although there is so much to see and do and the location is great, I don't think it is the most popular place for most people, not even for a few of us, as it is a small town with only a handful of hotels and a few restaurants and bars. There are a number of great hotels in the area that I hope to be back in Rhodes one day, and some of the ones I stayed in Rhodes are not in a part of the island that would suit me best. But since Rhodes is such a larger island, if you are looking for a good place to stay in, I think this will be the best area for you.

A hotel in Rhodes is the perfect base to explore all the amenities, including taverns, bars, water sports and centres.

Lindos Memories Resort & Spa is the perfect destination for couples and parties who want to share an exceptional holiday experience with their friends and family while relaxing on the beautiful island of Rhodes. Awaken memories with your loved ones and enjoy the breathtaking views of the island and its surroundings, located in Rhodes, in the heart of the most popular tourist destination in Greece.

This prestigious beach hotel in Rhodes, Greece, has its own private beach, accessed through an underground corridor, and a private swimming pool.

This is a wonderful place to recharge your batteries after a day of sightseeing, and there are many options to choose from, but this is one of the best places to stay in Rhodes. Only when you discover these fantastic hotels do we recommend you stay in the area, it is only a matter of choice out of many. Once you have decided where to stay, you will find a hotel that is right for your budget. Since there are so many reasons to visit Rhodes, choose accommodation that suits your needs, such as a private beach, private pool or even a beach hotel.

For a family hotel in Rhodes Town, we recommend one of the six boutique rooms or suites that can accommodate up to four people, some of which can accommodate four and others five. Here we present the best boutique hotels, including those we have seen in the old town of Rhodes and other parts of Greece, and introduce you to the luxurious boutique hotel near the old town of Rhodes. All the things we did in our Rhodes article have disappeared, but you can still do them in any of our other hotels and restaurants in Rhodes.

Located in the centre of Rhodes Island, this fantastic and luxurious hotel offers access to all the major attractions and entertainment centres of Rhodes, including the old town, the Lindos Quakes and the main tourist attractions. On a hill overlooking the bay of Ixia, just outside Rhodes Town on a hill, an adult hotel was added in 2010. The location is close to the Rhodes-Lindos road, which allows easy access from the city centre as well as other tourist destinations.

Besides the beach of Rhodes, one of the main reasons to visit Rhodes is to explore the UNESCO-protected old town of Rhodes. You can stroll through the history and cobbled streets of Rhodes and have plenty of opportunities for restaurants and shops. The city of Rhodes is easily accessible and the ancient sights of Ialyssos are just a stone's throw away. There are many beaches and also many seaside resorts in the city center, as well as the Lindos Quakes and other tourist attractions.

The picturesque temple of Athena Lindia, dating back to 300 BC, and the iconic acropolis of Lindos, which towers over the city, make it a fascinating area. It houses some of the oldest whitewashed houses in Greece, as well as a number of ancient temples, churches and temples.

Lindos can be quite hilly, so if you want to spend most of your day on the beach, it will keep you entertained. But there is more to do in the old town of Rhodes, and for a young family we would stick to the city centre with its many restaurants and bars.

So visit the old town of Rhodes and spend some time exploring the unique heritage of the area and indulging in a little real history while staying in one of these historic places.

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