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A Limitless is a daily lifestyle companion that integrates the value that rewards, services and experiences bring to everyday life by inventing a whole new and ambitious way of living without limits. The new loyalty platform, which will be operational by the end of 2019, will harness and expand the brand and service partnerships of the Group's ecosystem.

The Group has joined forces with Aegean Airlines, a leading Greek airline, for the first time in its history. With AEGEAN Airlines and Olympic Air serving 44 countries, the partnership will enable Accoras customers to enjoy higher rewards. All three of Accora's top brands are strategically located in Greece, offering high-quality services in Athens, Crete, the Mediterranean and other parts of the world. Athens offers high quality service through the lifestyle brand ibi Styles, which operates in both Athens and Crete.

Frequent travelers who are members of the program are eligible for one-year Accor Rewards membership, which allows them to acquire stay-at-home activists in more than 3,500 hotels in the same destination, from luxury to economy in shared destinations. You can also benefit from exclusive themed packages curated by Accors, including special events such as live music at Par is Saint, sports venues, private parties and private dinners in hotels and restaurants.

Lampsa Hellenic Hotels SA, which is investing in the restoration and renovation of historic buildings. The hotel, with 158 rooms and 19 suites, will offer luxury and boutique services in a historic building that has been fully restored and renovated. A second hotel with a total capacity of 1,000 rooms is scheduled to open in Athens in April 2020.

Accor is deeply committed to sustainable value creation and offers a range of benefits and rewards to improve the way our members work, live and play. We give members the opportunity to enjoy a variety of experiences and benefits, making their travel experiences richer and more rewarding. Accor also plays an active role in giving back to the planet and the community through its Planet 21 law and its Solidarity Fund, which provides access to employment through vocational training for disadvantaged groups.

This demonstrates our commitment to rewarding the loyalty of our members and our best partners, making their lives richer and their travel experiences more enjoyable.

The partnership with Aegean Airlines is an example of Accor's commitment to delivering the best travel experience for our members and partners. Our new partnership with AEGEAN Airlines is an example of this strategy and we remain committed to providing 100% customer service and loyalty in all our hotels.

Accor is a world leader in extended hospitality, offering unique experiences to our members and partners. With the opening of the first Accor hotel in Greece, which will open its doors in April 2020, it is clear that the Groupas "links with Greece have been strengthened even further. We offer a unique and attractive experience to all our members and have strengthened our position as a global leader in extended hospitality, which is already well represented in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and has continued to have a significant impact on the global travel and hospitality market.

Our goal is to provide our most dedicated customers with meaningful experiences and rewards so they can work and play live while staying at home and around the world. In February 2019, Accor announced the opening of its first hotel in Greece, the Rhodes Hotel in Athens, with a capacity of 1,000 rooms.

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More About Rhodes