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Whether you're exploring the walls of the old town, learning about the bees of Greece, kitesurfing in Ixia or exploring the ruins of ancient Kamiros, there are 24 historical things to do. If you love ceramics, art and pottery, then this is the perfect place to go to Rhodes. Traganou beach is known to many as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Rhodes, and is located just a few kilometers from the city of Athens.

The old town of Rhodes was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998 and is full of such artifacts. The museum was opened in 1948 after eight years of construction and houses the largest collection of ancient artifacts in Greece as well as some of the largest ceramic collections in the world. There is definitely a gallery not to be missed, the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography, which contains over 1,000 artifacts from the ancient city of Kamiros and its surroundings. This museum houses more than 2,500 artifacts, many of which have been excavated from neighbouring Greek islands such as Ixia, Iia and Irakli.

This museum is located in the old town of Rhodes and is housed in a medieval building, the Hospital of the Knights. It houses the largest collection of ancient artifacts in Greece and the second largest in Europe after the Archaeological Museum in Athens.

This museum was founded by a third generation of Rhodes who wanted to show the history of the Jewish community during their visit to the old town of Rhodes. They have also set up a website that is available both to those planning to travel to Rhodes and to visitors from other parts of Greece and the rest of Europe. He has also created a website with information about the museum and a list of all the museums in the city and is also in the process of creating a website that is available to all those who plan to travel and tourists from outside the country.

The Kahal Shalom Synagogue in Rhodes was built in 1577 and the Jewish Museum is located in the old town of Rhodes, on the south side of the city. For more information about Jewish Rhodes, please visit the museum's website and also a list of all museums in this city and other parts of Greece and Europe.

It is located in the old town of Rhodes and displays artifacts from the early Greek period on the island. The Venus of Rhodes is also preserved here and is an important historical monument in Rhodes, representing the bathing goddess Aphrodite. There is a Parian marble statue called "Aphrodites Rhodes," the most famous of all the statues in this museum and the only one of its kind in Greece.

Prasonisi (Greek for "green island") is located on the southern coast of Rhodes Island in the Aegean Sea, south of Athens. The island is the most visited island among the Dodecanese and was once home to the ancient city of Phoenicia, once the capital of Greece and the second largest city in Greece.

Rhodes Island is also full of fascinating museums to visit, from ceramics museums to art museums. The most important museums are located in Rhodes Town itself and are usually close to the action and easy to find, with inexpensive tickets often offering combined admission to several attractions. During your stay on the island, you can visit one or more of the many museums, galleries and other attractions on Rhodes.

There are other places you don't have time for, such as Rodini Park, which is located on the road to Lindos, next to the city centre and at the end of a road that leads to Lindos. One of the easiest ways to reach one of the museums of Rhodes is to be in the old town of Rhodes, as it is located in a pedestrian area.

At the end of Street Museum Square is the Archaeological Museum, which houses the Hospital of the Knights. In this huge castle there is a beautiful mosaic from the 1st century brought from the island of Kos to Rhodes. The Rhodes Museum offers visitors many wonders of Rhodes, Greece and the island of knights.

If you want to know all about the marine life of Greece, you don't have to miss a chance to visit the Aquarium of Rhodes. This must be one of the most beautiful aquariums in the world and a must for every visitor to Greece.

If you want to learn about the ancient past of the island, the Archaeological Museum is the right place. This is one of the best places to learn about history and you should not miss this in Rhodes.

This monumental, bioclimatic building now houses the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, which exhibits the archaeological remains of the ancient city and its surrounding islands. A small part of this museum gives you an insight into the history of Greek civilization and the early Christian period, which is covered by the finds. The Museum of Rhodes is located in a former arsenal of the Knights of St. John, which is now a museum of history.

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